August 21, 2007

While-ing the hours away

Well, not really. I have two deadlines tomorrow but I can't think of anything property-related, which really doesn't augur well for me since I've been told that ALL my bosses have read this blog. Wise men would probably advise me to stop putting incriminating actions down in ink, and they'll be 100% right.

I mean, the day I get fired, my boss'll ask me into his room, and I'll find myself facing a mountain of blog posts detailing my flagrant abuse of office resources, all printed out from our super-cool Minolta printer. No words will be needed. I will quietly slink away with my stuff and a potted plant (not that I have one now) in those brown cardboard boxes like they do in HK serial dramas.

Why does this post exist then? It's widely known I'm not terribly bright, so blehh.

Anyway, instead of working like a productive little citizen, I came up with a brand spanking new slogan for MCA.

MOAR Backbone!!11!


PS: Because I am lazy, I have not inserted any links to the MCA's General Assembly 2007, or Ong Ka Ting, or Wee Meng Chee, or Nazri, or Badawi. Google is your friend.


narrowband said...

Whoa since when you turned political :p

Umar_LoveIja said...

Helo,nice blogging,nice info,erm ingin mengetahui kisah misteri,pelik tapi benar ? jom ke blog saye ni di ,ok bye

Umar Abdul Aziz Bin Hj Mohd Affandi Bin Abdul Rahman said...

Hai,kenal x dengan blog OhMisteri ? kalau belum kenal ? jom visit n join blog tu di ,ok hidup malaysia,babai