October 28, 2004

of Dungeons and Dragons

No, this is not a blog topic about D&D. It's bad enough I understand the rules, I don't need to further demonstrate my utter geekiness. At least not online anyway.

Ok, this blog is entirely based on this link I stumbled across the other day. Be forewarned, it contains adult material. Oh hell, it says literotica, so you can pretty much guess what the site's about. So, standard warning here. If you're below the age of consent in your state/locality, do us all a favour and don't click on the link, jailbait. Or, if you do click on the link, you agree to absolve me of all moral and legal responsibility for exposing you to the very thing that caused 6 billion people to roam the earth. If you get any popups while visiting that site, you have spyware on your pc. :)

Anyways, I can't even begin to tell you how many of my gamer friends would kill for a girlfriend like that. And, prior to this I thought 20-sided dice were just a new-fangled invention by computer games publishers. Ooh, I remember a D&D-related convo about a year ago.

Me: And with a toss of my six-sided coin...
Him: Oh, a six-sided coin. You mean what we usually refer to as a dice?
Me: *blush*

On another note, this is inspiration for my new blog topic. Why You Should Never Date A Gamer Guy. Yes, I have managed to piss off about 90% of my online acquaintances, but hey, I'll still frag you. *grins*

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