August 25, 2006

Americans are nubs

A few days ago I was chatting with Mr Yankee Doodle (hehe) when he mentioned that Americans are the most maligned people in the world. It's perfectly okay to insult Americans but when you do it to another nationality it's racist and politically-incorrect.

For instance, imagine someone saying one of the below:

Example 1: Americans are stupid idiots
Example 2: Singaporeans are stupid idiots
Example 3: Lebanese are stupid idiots

Example 1 is totally acceptable and even encouraged, example 2 is somewhat acceptable* (cos I'm Malaysian hey!), but example 3 is a definite no-no. If you do it you risk raining fire and brimstone on you and yours.

I blinked, then said that example 1 is acceptable because it's true. Americans display the most appaling lack of knowledge about other countries.

For example, Malaysians regularly flout international trade standards by exceeding the North American Rubber Export Quota, but Mr Yankee Doodle didn't know that.

See? Americans are stupid. Of course, the fact that I completely made that up at the spur of the moment has nothing to do with anything, obviously.


*for those who are particularly dense and humourless, that was a joke. Besides, I spent the better part of a year raiding with Singaporeans, and am therefore a superb judge of their idiocy. Ahem.


Three months ago if anyone told me I would leave I'd have laughed in their faces.

But it was a lot easier than I thought it would be...and somehow that just makes it so much sadder.

August 20, 2006

Neither here nor there

Blizzforums has always had an unfortunate history with database trouble. One time, the database was deleted because the owner wanted more space for his porn, and deleted the BF database. How amazingly smart. Okay, so he didn’t exactly delete it for porn, but still…

On the upside, we got to make fun of E-Man and his twitchy finger forever.

The last time it crashed, something corrupted the database and we had horrible temp forums that were churning cesspools of bile, whichy explains why I avoided them.

Recently I logged back into BF and found that I had been fired. Me, the uber Works-In-Progress moderator who single-handedly educated the entire populace of BF that clicking on your avatar leads you to your profile. Be nice and don’t ask what avatar I was using at that time.

Anyway, I passed my modelling pics to the Hogster and he posted them in Staff, and a short little note which basically had me say “Fuck you for firing me twerps!”. And now I’m an Elder, which means, in addition to having my name in a nice blinding neon green colour, I have access to Staff Forum as well yay.

What’s the point to this? Why, no point at all. This blog’s due for another name change, I reckon. There Is No Point.

Now to figure out how to incorporate His Royal Oafness into the name as well…