June 01, 2005

Yesterday I had a weird dream. I dreamed that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't type anymore. In my stupid @#$%! dream I was trying to blog but my fingers would not obey me and I kept flubbing up the words. I couldn't even type in the url to my own blog, it came out wrong every time.

I realise that in the past, I've cruelly mocked people who claim to be able to interpret dreams, so maybe this is retribution. This is actually the first time I've felt stupid in a dream. I desperately need to implement measures to separate my real life from my dream world or else I'd lose my sanctuary.

In other news, I've finally watched Star Wars. It's not bad, cos I went in expecting something along the lines of Attack of the Clones. I also whacked a jumbo popcorn all by my self while my brother had to pick from the tiny unpopped scraps at the bottom of the cardboard box.

Don't hate on me, I get special treatment 2 days in a month, unless I miss a period.

Now for a little WoW update. I hate fucking campers who camp corpses and quest NPCs. It happens both sides, this is not a rant about how the Alliance scum stink to the high heavens. It gets really scary when you factor in the fact that WoW players in general are in their 20s to 30s. I would expect juvenile behavior from mRO players, but honestly, if you're so free, go raid some towns or fight someone your own size.

I am struck with a case of extreme apathy. I don't care about blogs anymore. Even my brother's been commenting about the flies buzzing around this blog. I think the recent illness took more out of me than I thought. Or maybe that's just an excuse, heheh. Since I always come back and post more inane stuff after announcing a hiatus, I'll announce one and hope that my contrariness will kick in right about now.

Thank you for reading.