June 05, 2007

DND @ work

Saffron is officially a productive member of society, and no longer one of the 80,000-strong army of unemployed graduates Malaysia proudly boasts of.

I’m employed, and paid real money not beer, with EPF deductions and all, so I'm officially grown up HUZZAH!

In addition to blogging and spamming chatboxes, I also thought of "inspiring names" for phallic buildings that are the physical equivalent of e-peens, and came up with Hallmark-like sayings for an annual dinner invitation card, so there will be absolutely NO questioning of my productivity thanks.

FYI for noobs, those comment-on-current-event-posts are just fillers made to look pseudo-intellectual, kthx.

1 comment:

mr-penman said...

WTH?!?! call me noob?

u s2pid B*#^@!!!

LOL~ anyway, welcome back!

hope to see more writing here!