December 12, 2004

A Night Of Unbelievable Firsts

The venue: PWTC
The Ocassion: DHL's Annual Dinner and Party Thingy
My Status: lowly peon to be ordered around by everyone in an M Stage t-shirt. I'm like the slime that resides at the bottom of a pond, but in consolation, I'm intelligent slime. :)

Instead of focusing on the unbelievable chaoticness of the guest registration system or the unbelievable ineptness of the women at my counter (how quickly I could process guests hinged greatly on their competence), I think today I'll stop being the Blogger Who Always Complains and look on the bright side of things today. Hence:

A Night Of Unbelievable Firsts.
Number 1: I worked for RM50. Well, actually, I didn't. I worked because my best friend JW called in a favour since she was short 3 workers. First real working experience with real money.

Number 2: After we were done registering all the guests for DHL's Annual Dinner and Party thingy, we were sitting around an empty table eating our dinner and drinking pink water at 10.30pm when this guy in a suit comes up and wordlessly plonks down 2 tall glasses of beer, one for me and one for my bro.

First time I got beer without having to ask (read: beg/grovel/pay) for it.

Number 3: I played barmaid to the soundcrew and danced to the tune of some 70s song (it was Retro Night) while balancing 3 glasses of beer on my second beer-delivery trip upstairs. I have a whole new level of respect for the Oktoberfest barmaids now.

At the point where I was dancing with beer, this convo took place:

JW: "You're drunk, you know that?"
Me: "Probably. Want a sip of these before we give it to the crew?"

Number 4: After doubling as barmaid and cabaret dancer, JW and I got back downstairs and sat with my bro and SE, when the nice man who gave us beer the first time came by and refilled my glass without me having to signal (read: beg/grovel/pay) for it. He then told me that I was drinking too slowly, and told me to hurry up.

First time in my entire life I was given free refills of anything ('coffee' that's not real coffee doesn't count). First time I was told I'm drinking too slowly. First time I'm told to drink more. Unbelievable Wowness x4.

Number 5: When the band played Queen's We Will Rock You, we were all singing and bouncing on our seats to the tune. When the band played Uptown Girl, I downed the entire glass of beer, jumped out of my seat and started dancing.

First time I'm dancing, ever. I hope no one took pictures or it would extremely good blackmail material. Btw, it's very likely that I got the chronology of the songs wrong.

Number 6: I have no shame. Okay, so that's not a first, but wait. I actually did the YMCA. In public. And as if that's not enough, I actually broke out John Travolta's Saturday Night Fever moves. In public. I didn't even know I knew the moves to SNF.

I am tainted for life. Remember what I said about hoping no one took pics? I really really REALLY hope no one took pics of me while I was living the life of the swinging 70s. (not re-living because I wasn't born yet. I'm not that old, haha)

That's about all.

Now that the haze of alcohol and shamelessness has cleared a bit, I seriously think that I can handle going to pubs now. After all, I look good in a slinky top and tight jeans, and I can drink beer instead of wine so it won't KO me so quickly. I can dance once my inhibitions are slightly lowered and not sit there like some poor wallflower, and if I can do the YMCA and SNF in public, there's absolutely nothing I won't do for free beer.

I can't believe I just said that. :( Remember what your mama always said about choosing your friends carefully? I think it's all JW's fault. Seriously though, I enjoyed last night, and I wasn't even drunk. Considering how extensively I've managed to humiliate myself, the non-drunkness of my person is the scary part.


A. said...

Hey, Saffron can cut a pretty mean rug on the dance floor. I'll never forget it: you should have seen her doing cartwheels and jumping jacks in the middle of the bistro.

But let's not talk about the time she did the Coyote Ugly impression on the bar...


iblogme said...

Sounds really fun. Hmm, linking it together, you worked for not only RM50 and a favour, but also for free beers. Not bad, eh. :D And haha, a closet dancer 'exposed'. ;)

Knight said...

weeeee wait our next gathering , we drink also okie ?
hehe ...

btw dun use blogger comment system la.. must register one for leave comment..

Anonymous said...

there's absolutely nothing I won't do for free beer.Heheheheheh

SleekBlackMercedes said...

Beer, glooooorious beer! :)

Pebbles said...

What a way to discover your own talents!!!

Buaya69 said...

*dance pretty baby dance* - Abba ;)

narrowband said...

Sounds damn fun..! Get paid to dance, drink.. Night of self-discovery too it seemed huh ;p