July 25, 2007

Guess the occupation

Wednesday, 25 July
At an undisclosed location in Section 14...ok lah it's Secret Recipe.

Me: Can we have the Frozen Orange Cheesecake?
Secret Recipe Girl: Sorry, frozen line has been discontinued.
Me: Apasal didn't take it down from your website? -_-
Secret Recipe Girl: You can try Marble Cheesecake.
Me: Hazelnut Cheesecake got?
Secret Recipe Girl: Don't have, sorry.
Me: Raspberry?
Secret Recipe Girl: Don't have also. You want to try Lemon Cheesecake?

I concur with his vehemence. I mean, sour cheesecake? SRSLY?

Finally we settle on Classic Cheesecake, or maybe it was New York, I forgot. I'm not a huge fan of cheesecake, the way I'm not a huge fan of cockroaches. When we were waiting for the birthday message to be written on the cake, MYSTERY MAN said,

"Can we have it in Helvetica font? Bold the "Gratz" please, and make it bigger than the rest of the sentence, thanks."

To her credit, Secret Recipe Girl didn't sock him over the head with her rolling pin, so all was well. Now guess what MYSTERY MAN does for a living.

PS: Birthday message was "Gratz! 1 year older!" Lame, I know. I wanted it to say "You're 1 year closer to death!" but seeing that the cake was for my boss, it would be career suicide.


a little no body said...

my occupation? hahahahhha!!
that was hilarious. lol. Bold. ROFL.

mr-penman said...

he must be a designer!